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Save Time and Money: The Benefits of Digitizing Documents

How Document Digitization Can Help You Find the File You Need in Seconds Instead of Hours & Keep Your Work Day Moving

Productivity and efficiency are everything when it comes to your bottom line. If your employees are spending a significant amount of time (sometimes, even hours!) searching for the right document in a disorganized filing cabinet you’re doing it wrong, and it costs your business money.

There are many benefits of digitizing documents, especially if your company relies on efficient and streamlined document storage and sharing. Let’s look at some of the most important benefits to consider when you’re thinking about making the switch to digitized documents.

1. Access Your Documents While on the Move

If you frequently travel for work or your company has employees scattered across multiple locations, flexibility is of the utmost importance. If your employees need to carry around a lot of documents, some are bound to get lost or forgotten at the office before a big meeting.

Why not cut out the possibility for human error and digitize your documents? No matter where your team is, as long as they have an internet connection, they can access the documents and files they need at any given time even if they are miles away from the office.

Digitizing documents offers flexibility for distributed teams or for team members who are constantly on the road. If it’s easier for them to perform their job, the work they put out will be that much better.

2. Save Space with Digital Files

Shared space is the new normal in today’s work environments. A dedicated filing room for paper documents just doesn’t exist anymore. Physical space is at a premium while electronic storage is an incredibly affordable and scalable way to give you your space back.

When you digitize your documents and empty spaces previously occupied by filing cabinets you’ll realize your office space is much larger than you thought it was before. Maybe this will allow you to expand your team and grow business in ways you didn’t know were possible.

Turning paper documents into digital files and transitioning to a fully digital system will save you money, space, and time in the long run.

3. Be Prepared for the Unexpected with Digitized Documents

Natural disasters are especially devastating to businesses that don’t store their documents digitally. Digital documents stored offsite or backed up in the cloud will give you an advantage over the unexpected and a sense of security knowing your most important files are safe and sound.

Rest assured that you’ll still be able to access your important business records and client information even if your office space is under three feet of water.

4. Go Green with a Paperless Office

It can be difficult to make your office eco-friendlier, especially if you are still using paper documents and storing them in bulky filing cabinets. If a piece of paper is your main medium for document sharing and storage, you are bound to rack up an unbelievable amount of hard copies that need to be stored somewhere, likely in filing cabinets and overflowing boxes that hog a lot of space.

Foster an environment where you avoid using so much paper by digitizing existing documents with scanning software and encouraging your team to create electronic documents instead. Eventually, you’ll get to the point where digitizing documents is the norm, and you can get rid of the hard copies.

5. Improve Organizational Productivity and Collaboration

Collaboration is of the utmost importance in today’s work environments and collaborating on a project that isn’t fully digital can be clunky and inefficient.

83% of knowledge workers lose time to versioning issues every day. Say one of your team members make changes to a document and sends it to everyone else, but not everyone sees the new version in time. They will keep working based on an outdated version and will ultimately need to redo some work. Digitizing your documents can allow for multiple users to make edits in real-time.

You can improve your team’s efficiency with electronic documents and communications so that everyone is on the same page and can offer feedback and promote ideas freely and easily. The result is less wasted time and higher productivity and collaboration.

Streamline Your Process and Save Hours of Precious Time with Paper Free Office Solutions

Technology is making it easier than ever to access and store your documents digitally. Before, you would have to dig through filing cabinet upon filing cabinet to find one folder or document. That could take hours, especially if the files aren’t organized correctly.

One of the most significant benefits of digitizing documents is that you can find what you need in seconds – not hours. That means no more wasting time thumbing through files, allowing you to focus on what’s important.

At Paper Free Office Solutions, we offer a wide range of time-saving services that will streamline your document management and storage needs. Contact us today to see how we can help you help yourself.


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