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Why Redact Documents Anyway?

The method behind the madness of marking up classified documents Excluding private information from sensitive documents is something every business owner needs to consider, from the small business owner to the head of top government agencies. Even your documents may need to be redacted for legal reasons or to...

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A Paperless Office Guide for Small Businesses

We’ve already discussed the benefits of switching to a paperless office and even weighed the pros of cons of doing so, but it can be difficult to apply any advice aimed at larger businesses for a small to medium business (SMB). Going paperless at work doesn’t happen overnight, so...

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From Paper to Pixels: Pros and Cons of Going Paperless

Making the decision to go paperless at work is a big one. It could mean completely upending all of your processes already put in place, making new ones, training your whole team to know the process, and then there’s always going to be growing pains with any big transformation....

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Digital Workplace Solutions: How to Go Paperless

If there’s one thing in life that is truly unnecessary, it’s paper cluttering your office. 50% of business waste is paper, and offices in the United States alone use 12.1 trillion sheets of it every year. It’s intimidating to clear because there’s so much of it, and maybe there’s...

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Get Ahead of the Game: Document Scanning Will Save You Time (and Money) Later

“Time is money.” It’s the cliché everyone in business knows to be true—it’s a cliché for a reason. The “every moment can be monetized” mindset leads business owners to push employees for peak efficiency at work. One massive gap in efficiency that most businesses overlook is their document management...

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The Top 5 Advantages of Automated Workflows

The average office worker receives 121 emails per day. From a request from your boss to event invitations, content, coupons, office gossip—you name it— you get a lot of emails. While a lot of those emails are important and demand your attention, not all of them fit that criteria....

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Caves Are for Bats – Not Your Business Records: Digitize Your Documents Today

When you’re watching a nature documentary on caves, you expect to see stunning stalactites and stalagmites, maybe an odd animal or two that can only see things in the dark. You’ll definitely see some bats. What wouldn’t you expect to see? Filing cabinets full of documents gathering dust. Where...

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4 Life Lessons from a Farmer About Using Technology and Changing Habits

It used to be that farmers had to sow their fields with a plow pulled by oxen, but now they have industrialized tractors and specialized seeds that help them grow the best crop possible. It’s easy to assume that farming is a quaint industry that never changes, but in...

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Save Time and Money: The Benefits of Digitizing Documents

How Document Digitization Can Help You Find the File You Need in Seconds Instead of Hours & Keep Your Work Day Moving Productivity and efficiency are everything when it comes to your bottom line. If your employees are spending a significant amount of time (sometimes, even hours!) searching for...

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