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Are you overwhelmed by sorting through piles of paper, endless file cabinets, and boxes that have been in storage? Are you dreaming about a paper free office but have no idea where to begin?

Let us help. At Paper Free Office Solutions, we are one of the most trusted document management companies in the industry. From IT managed services, to document scanning, to shredding of unnecessary paper, to invoicing and more. We specialize in assisting you with turning your company into the paper free office you want to be.

Sorting through endless piles of paper is not only daunting but also time-consuming and costly. Paper Free Office Solutions knows how to help you to put your office in order. We pledge to handle your documents with the utmost care and well-being while allowing you to have the time and space you need to focus on the growth of your company.

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Our Pledge To You

Our mission is to organize, store, protect, and simplify the management of your business documentation and information.

In service of this mission, we start with shredding paper that you have identified as unnecessary, or that you have asked us to scan and store on electronic media. Then, we will destroy any documents you no longer need. The final step is to send the shreds to our recycling plant.

Document Scanning Services

Paper documents are becoming a thing of the past. At Paper Free Office Solutions, we can help you convert your documents, or we can identify the best equipment for your scanning needs, and train designated employees on the process. We also provide a combination of services to address your specific needs.

Many companies have existing material that has been stored for a long time. We have procedures to convert documents into a digital format. Our strategy includes scanning and indexing paper, microfilm, microfiche, medical and banking records, and large-format documents such as blueprints and maps.

If you want us to do the work, we do so at our scanning bureau, then upload the images to portable storage devices such as the Cloud, an electronic content management software like FileBound, or to a shared network drive. If there are specific security requirements, we address those individually in accordance with your instructions.

After completing the scanning process, you can store your paper in our secure box facility or choose to have us shred some or all of the paper, depending on your specific requirements.

Proudly Serving Missouri and More

Whether we do the scanning for you, or you choose to do it in-house, Paper Free Office Solutions is a full-service document management company that has served the community for years. If we provide the scanning services, we will develop indexing that allows your employees to easily search and retrieve needed documents. Whether in a government department, private business, K-12 school district, medical office, hospital, law firm or other type of business, Paper Free Office Solutions helps you securely and efficiently find a document when you need it.

If you choose to use our scanning bureau, we cater to a variety of companies anywhere in Missouri and the Midwest and can provide some of our services nationwide. We can pick up your documents in Jefferson CityColumbiaSpringfieldLake of OzarksKansas CitySt. LouisMexico and elsewhere, and deliver them to you in the format you specify.

Contact us today to discuss how Paper Free Office Solutions can revolutionize the way you do business, and experience how we can help streamline your entire organization. Our team of trained professionals are happy to come to you to evaluate what you are in need of, and then help you to implement a customized solution tailored to those needs.

We look forward to helping you take your company to the next level of document management.