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Document Scanning Solutions Provider Completes Work For MDC

Information Management & Securities, LLC (Paper Free Office Solutions), a company in Mexico, MO, is proud to announce that they have completed an awarded contract for the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC). Using their advanced Paper Free Office document scanning solution, a total of 14,000 construction drawings have been scanned and converted into digital data that has now been fully uploaded to the MDC FileBound site which was provided by the Paper Free Office Solutions Technology Group.

Paper Free Office Solutions prides itself on their wealth of FileBound and paperless office solutions, always being able to find a solution that fits the needs of each client. Vince Fuemmeler explains: “Document management solutions can automate how your company gets work done by managing the business processes from beginning to end. The right solution will eliminate paper-based processes, decrease costs, and increase productivity. By integrating our scanning services and implementing a cloud-based or premise-based solution such as FileBound, Paper Free Office Solutions ensures that you can reliably connect people with the right information anywhere.”

Jack Quade from MDC, says: “Our Design and Development Division recently completed a major project in cooperation with Paper Free Office Solutions by having Vince and his team in converting all existing construction drawings to digital format. Paper Free Office Solutions scanned the drawings (most were 24″x36″ in size), named the files, and uploaded them to the MDC FileBound site using metadata provided by MDC. QA/QC was performed by both Paper Free Office Solutions and MDC on all digital files to verify that every drawing was scanned and legible.”

A total of 12,000 drawings were scanned by Paper Free Office Solutions, with another 2,000 drawings scanned by the CAD Team at MDC. The oldest drawings scanned were dated 1937. The effort to prepare and approve the scanned drawings was completed by the CAD team at MDC. All files will now be held at the MDC FileBound site. All MDC employees with access to the intranet can search, view and print the digital construction drawings for over 400 conservation areas.

People are encouraged to contact Paper Free Office Solutions, which is located at 4720 E Liberty St. Mexico, MO 65265, for further information. More and more businesses are starting to see the benefits of going paperless, not only for efficiency purposes, but to alleviate the need for endless file cabinets and as a part of a more comprehensive disaster recovery plan.