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Caves Are for Bats – Not Your Business Records: Digitize Your Documents Today

When you’re watching a nature documentary on caves, you expect to see stunning stalactites and stalagmites, maybe an odd animal or two that can only see things in the dark. You’ll definitely see some bats. What wouldn’t you expect to see? Filing cabinets full of documents gathering dust. Where are you most likely to find this illusive creature? You’ll find them in so-called “modern” offices, even though there are plenty of digital document storage solutions available. Truth be told, they shouldn’t be there either. Let’s look at the reasons why you shouldn’t store your important business records in a cave—or a closet.

1. It’s Too Easy to Get Disorganized

All it takes is one employee to get a little lax with their understanding of the ABC’s for the entire system to get thrown off. What if the files you’re looking for in the “A Cabinet” are actually in the “D Cabinet” – either by mistake, or because they’re thinking D as in last name and you’re thinking A as in first name. You have no idea where that document lives until after you’ve searched through every single drawer. What if it’s all the way down in Z? A digital system eradicates the possibility of an unfortunately placed file and the utter chaos that follows.

2. There is No Back-Up

No one wants to even think about it, but what if your office went up in a plume of smoke? Chances are, you don’t have your files backed up if they’re all stored in one closet. Sure, there are fireproof boxes you can store your crucial documents in, but are they waterproof too? Shred-proof? If anything were to happen to your “file cave,” you wouldn’t have any replacements.

3. You Can’t Access the Documents Unless You’re in the Room

It works for the CIA, but what about a business like yours with mobile employees? They won’t be able to access important documents they might need when traveling to complete their to-do list. A digitized document storage system makes it easier for your employees at-large to access any file they need at any time.

4. Your Filing Closet Takes Up Too Much Space

The more files you have, the more space you need to store them. As your business grows, so do the records you need to keep, which means that your filing closet might eventually take up the entire room or get moved to an offsite cave. By storing your documents digitally, the space that was destined to become your file cave can house desks for your growing staff.

5. It Isn’t as Secure as You Think

Your documents confined to a dark room might seem safe because there’s literally zero chance of a digital security breach, but what’s stopping someone from just walking into the room and walking out with the documents? You’ll have a hard time determining which documents were taken, or even when they were taken. With a digitized document filing system, you can set passwords and restrictions on documents to ensure their security. Only share the password with people you trust or are collaborating with, making it easy to keep your documents secure.

Leave the Bats Alone & Keep Your Documents Out Of their Habitat

Bats prefer to sleep upside down with plenty of space to spread their wings. Don’t fill their space to the ceiling with filing cabinets. Free up space and time in your office with help from Paper Free Office Solutions. Drop us a line today to see how we can help streamline your document storage processes. Start today!


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