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Five Reasons Small Businesses Can Benefit from Document Scanning

As more than 70% of the workforce works remotely, or from home one day a week, there’s never been a wider distribution of the workforce.

When companies have employees that are working from home, abroad, or even while on vacation, it is imperative that everyone is on the same page, literally and figuratively. With document scanning, you can ensure your entire staff is working with the same documents, at the same time, no matter where they’re located.

Here are five reasons why your small business can benefit by introducing document scanning into your IT plan.

Save Time and Money with Document Scanning

scanning servicesHandling documents takes both time and space. After a few years in business, chances are you have a few cabinets worth of documents that are taking up space. Space that could be occupied by a potentially new or current employee instead.

By having your documents scanned, you’ll be able to save money on space they used to occupy, and time spent searching. No longer will you have a manhunt, digging through folder after folder looking for one receipt, or one invoice that could be lodged between a few others. With the click of a button and a few keystrokes, you’ll have the files you’re looking for instantly.


If you have clients in your office, you always want to give them an ideal view of your business. A digital filing system allows you to maintain that image.

Having piles of documents, overflowing filing cabinets, or multiple staff members searching for through mounds of paper isn’t just time-consuming, it looks unprofessional.

Rather than paying staff to search for files, which could take several hours, you can get the files you need with a few clicks of your mouse. This shows your clients that you are organized, and on top of your game, both of which are an infinitely better image to project.

Document Scanning Provides Better Customer Service

A large problem with customer service in the data and documents sector is sending out a wrong file or sending a file without enough information. On top of that, with every iteration of a scan or copy, your files could have lost their legibility over time. Thanks to the technology found in document imaging, you can have every file digitized and indexed with a wide range of metadata.

Metadata means that your files will be easier to search for, group together, and draw trends from. When you can see trends emerging from your customer base, you can start to predict what they need and provide better service.

With the metadata stored in your files, you can also search for files with better accuracy, no matter how little information you have. If you store the invoice number in the metadata, you can unlock a whole lot of information with just this number.

If your customers have an urgent need to get their documents, you can serve them quickly and efficiently by having all scanned documents and at your fingertips.

Become More Secure with Document Scanning

While one way to rid yourself of clutter from too many documents is to box them up and put them off-site in a storage facility. Storing documents at a secure site is a smart move for both you and your customers, but it may not be practical at times. That’s when document scanning comes in handy.

You won’t have to worry about anyone coming in and gaining access to privileged information about your business.

You also won’t have to worry about natural disasters, which can be catastrophic for any company, or worry about the fragility of paper documents. When you have your documents scanned, everything is available on the cloud. Storms, flooding, fires, and earthquakes shouldn’t stop a business from continuing as usual if they are prepared.

When documents are in dedicated facilities, they’re also under secure lock and key, with constant surveillance. Instead of worrying about your company secrets falling into the wrong hands, you can ensure that your physical files are secure. Similarly, a document scanning company will use the highest level of digital security, meaning your digital files will be just as safe.

Scanning Documents Means Collaboration

digital scanning servicesWhen you’ve got one paper copy of a document, it’s hard to work across physical barriers. If you have a dispersed workforce, or if your best staff members are out of town on a conference, business shouldn’t stop. When you have scanned documents, you can share them and work together no matter the hurdle.

The more people you have looking at an issue, a case, or a patient’s records, the better you can diagnose the problem. When you have many people attacking a problem from a wide variety of perspectives, you can come up with clever and creative solutions. You can find ways to reduce the time it would take to get different departments to communicate with one another.

Passing a document from one team to another can slow the process down. With elements of compliance often required for ensuring that you’re doing everything above board, you can get everyone’s feedback and stay on top.

Working together as a team requires leaping over many hurdles. Don’t let location or availability of resources be one of them. Have all of your documents scanned so that you can facilitate collaboration between everyone on your team.

Document Scanning Ensures Accuracy

When you set up professional document scanning, you can be sure that everyone on your team will have access to the same information. When everyone comes to the table with the same information and the same knowledge about a project, you can ensure that you’re all making good decisions.

One of the biggest hurdles to any organization is communication and you can leap over it with document scanning. If you want to start outsourcing more aspects of your enterprise, check out our guide for where to start.