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Scanning Documents: Can it Save Your Businesses Money?

Is your business burning through resources because of the amount of paper you consume? Did you know that more than $930 million gets wasted on unnecessary printing costs?

It’s time you considered having your documents scanned.

Scanning documents is a solution that saves you time and resources while keeping your information safe and secured. The great thing is that the benefits go beyond personal use, and your business can take advantage.

What is Document Scanning?

Scanning documents involves the process of converting a physical file into a digital format, which is then saved into a computer, or through a network. This method counts as one of the many forms of document imaging.

There are two ways, or four if you consider the platform and OS used, that can allow you to accomplish this.

The first option is with a document scanning machine that is connected to your computer. Aside from scanner machines that you can install on your computer, depending on if it runs on Windows or Mac, some printer models like Epson or Fujitsu have scanners integrated to them.

The other method in document scanning is using a mobile device. These can be tablets or smartphones that run on either iOS or Android. You can use an app installed on your phone to have images stored and saved as PDFs.

What Are the Benefits of Scanning Documents?

With the ability to scan documents, there are many advantages and benefits that your business can gain. It opens up possibilities that can change your business operation for the better. Here are some of the benefits that you can get from having your documents scanned into digital form.

Core Financial Benefits

Document scanning can save you time and money due to the conveniences that it provides. The first thing it can address is the clutter and inconvenience with using paper.

The conventional way of sorting and storing documents in folders and file cases can become arduous and slow. The cabinets and paper piles can take up a lot of space in your office, all while you accumulate expenses in terms of printing costs and supplies.

Having your documents in digital format not only saves you the expense on paper, but also allows you more office space. Additionally, with digital files stored in a localized network or server for your business, you and your coworkers can access the needed files with ease. The time spent digging through piles of paper for one document can easily be done in a few seconds.

This process also reduces the time to manage documents. The time spent in physically filing paper documents is now cut down, leaving you more time to be productive with your tasks.

Information is Well-Preserved and Secured

Having scanned documents also ensures that you store your files in a secure place. With paper, there is a chance that the document can be damaged, stolen, or lost. Paper deteriorates over time, increasing the risk of losing valuable information.

However, digital files are easier to store and maintain. Once digitized, the information remains indefinitely, increasing its longevity. This also means that instead of carrying stacks of paper with all the information you need, you can conveniently have them saved on either a thumb drive, or through cloud storage.

You can also have your documents updated regularly and backed up in other storage systems, such as hard drives, memory sticks, or other storage media. With those, you can ensure you have something to fall back to in case the computer fails.

How does this help save money? For one thing, documents don’t get lost, ensuring you don’t have to spend money on recreating missing files. You also don’t have to waste resources on physical file cabinets or rooms for file storage.

You don’t have to pay for physical security either, like CCTV networks. Instead, one company license for an online security system is all you need.

Ease of Access Ensures Collaboration with Co-Workers

Another benefit posed when having your documents scanned and digitized is the ease of access. This file format allows everyone to be able to contribute without the need to have the file reproduced on paper.

With documents being in digital form, staff in various locations can access and collaborate on projects regardless of distance. This is possible by having documents placed in the cloud, making work efficient for your business.

With dedicated cloud services like SharePoint, scanned documents are easily accessible on any device. Not to mention, these files are securely kept and maintained to your specifications.

Improved Customer Service with Scanned Documents

Thanks to the accessibility provided by the cloud, the documents needed to assist customers are now easy to procure and send, saving you time in the process. Important documents such as forms and records now have an easier means of transmission.

This not only increases your efficiency, it also ensures improved customer satisfaction. Happier customers lead to higher profits and reduced recuperation costs.

Document Scanning is Environmentally Friendly

Going paperless is an advantage, and a step towards conservation and environmental preservation. By having your documents scanned and converted digitally, you can cut down on the usage of paper.

This not only helps you cut down on stationery and printing expenses, it also allows your business to be environmentally friendly. This saves you money and helps earn more customers. Studies show 71% of consumers favor eco-friendly businesses.

It’s not only paper that you reduce consumption on, when going paperless with your documents. You also cut down on your carbon footprint, as you don’t have to physically transport stacks of paper.

Documents That You Can Scan

With these benefits, you can have documents scanned and digitized to ensure their longevity and security while reducing the clutter. There are many kinds of documents that can be stored. Among these include School and Medical Records, Maps and Blueprints, Case Files, Microfilm, Employee Files, and much more.

With these files digitized and safe in the cloud, you can have them sorted in a database. Searching for these files when needed becomes as easy as typing a few keys into the search bar. Once scanned, your documents are uploaded to a secured location. This is possible with document management software such as FileBound.

Save Money and Scan Your Documents

Scanning documents can save your business money from expenses. By scanning, you can reduce the risk of having information stolen or destroyed due to damage to the physical document. You also decrease the expenses for stationery supplies and printing.

Not only that but with your documents digitized and managed with a document management software, you ensure work efficiency to increase due to the ease of access to important business assets.

Why take up space, time, energy, and money physically printing and storing documents? Utilizing databases to store your documents electronically is the practical solution and will save your company a ton of money at the same time. The choice is really a no-brainer. Call us now or fill out a contact form for more information on how document scanning and storing can benefit your business.