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Paper Free Office Solutions Can Help Declutter Your Office in Jefferson City, MO

Jefferson City MO Document Shredding ServicesIf you live in Jefferson City or the surrounding Missouri areaand are searching for document shredding services, then Paper Free Office Solutions is the solution you.

Are you drowning in files? Do clients walk into your office and must move papers off the chair before they can sit down? Do you have two restrooms, but only use one because the other space is full of paperwork?

It is hard to be productive when you are stuck in such a convoluted working space. Do you even need most of those papers? With so much of what your business does is electronic anyway, why are you holding onto all this stuff? It is time to let go!

You can contact Paper Free Office Solutions and speak to us about your document shredding needs. We will come to your Jefferson City office and pick up your mountains of paper. We will shred the documents and dispose of the remnants securely.

We will provide you a Certificate of Destruction, so you know without a doubt that your confidential information has been destroyed.

Can you imagine what your office will look like, free of the mounds of paper that cover it now? How nice will it be to simply sit at your desk and work without fear of knocking piles over? That may sound great, but you need those papers.

That is okay, Paper Free Office Solutions offers document storage for you.

Save What You Need with Jefferson City, MO Document Storage

Jefferson City MO Document Storage SolutionsEven when you are covered in clutter, throwing away the piles of paperwork may not be a viable option for you. Some companies need the paperwork for accountability. It could be that your office is more old-school, and you prefer to do things non-electronically, or, depending on the type of business you have, you may need to keep hard copies of different documents. The fact remains though, you need could use more space.

It can be expensive to buy all the various totes and folders needed to keep all the paperwork at your location. On top of that, where will you put it? Invoices, employee documents, and other paper files can accumulate quickly, and you may find that you are running out of room to store it all.

What if there is a fire or flood? Is your paperwork properly protected?

This is where Paper Free Office Solutions can be a real lifesaver. Your information will be stored in our secure, climate-controlled facility, where only the staff at Paper Free Office Solutions would be able to access your files. All files are labeled with a specific barcode, so you never have to worry about your sensitive information ending up in the wrong hands.

This does not mean you can never access your belongings though. With our document storage solutions, you are always able to call and request a certain box, or boxes, and we will deliver them to you the next morning. Talk about service!

In an emergency, we can find a box immediately. If you desire easier access to your documents, we offer a service called Scan-on-Demand. This way, your stored documents never need to be physically moved once they are placed in storage. If you need constant access to your files, then our scanning services may be your solution.

Constant Access with Jefferson City, MO Document Scanning/Imaging Services

Jefferson City MO Document Scanning ServicesOur society uses a lot of paper. If your company is dedicated to keeping its paperwork to the bare minimum, then document scanning is a viable option. This is especially helpful for any company that is overwhelmed with clutter and looking to have their older paperwork converted electronically, so they can move forward on a paper-free basis using our imaging services.

Paper Free Office Solutions can turn hard copies of just about anything into an electronic format. This includes things such as blueprints, microfilm, and index paper. Paper Free Office Solutions can convert your entire office into digital files. After that is complete, we will organize all your files per your specifications.

When we are done, all your past work will be easily accessible with a click of the mouse. After document scanning is complete, it is up to you what you do with the hard copies of your files. You can choose to have them shredded or, if you need to keep the hard copies, you can choose to have them securely stored at the Paper Free Office Solutions facility.

Not only that, but Paper Free Office Solutions can train your office staff on the best ways to save data electronically so you can keep moving towards the paper-free era, right in your own office. In fact, Paper Free Office Solutions can train your staff in a myriad of other office solutions.

Jefferson City IT Services/Support

Jefferson City MO IT Managed ServicesAs you embrace your paper-free office space, you may begin to think about other aspects of the technical side of your business that needs to be updated. The IT services team at Paper Free Office Solutions is skilled and ready to help you update your existing systems, including your hardware, software, and network capabilities.

We are a full-service tech company and can assist with the set-up of a new system, as well as any testing/troubleshooting that is needed. Plus, if you need information on how to run a specific system, we offer this service as well.

We work with both wired systems and wireless systems. Not only can we educate you on specific products, but we can provide them to you as well.

We work with servers, workstations, tablets, notebooks, and networking. Plus, we can help with Barracuda® NextGen firewalls, backup, and cloud backup. We offer a variety of software services to help you in your business.

Our Managed IT Services mean that you can rest assured that your new, clutter-free office is running smoothly. We offer remote monitoring, virus protection, and recovery for lost or deleted files.

When you sign up for a managed IT service, you will always be given priority when you require remote or on-site assistance.

Servicing the Capital of Missouri

Jefferson City, the capital of Missouri, and according to Rand McNally, the “Most Beautiful Small Town”. The capital building sits upon a bluff overlooking the Missouri River. This is the same bluff that that Lewis and Clark passed by on their way out west. Jefferson City was named for President Thomas Jefferson, and his sense of liberty and quest for knowledge can be seen in the city’s residents. Incidentally, in 2017, Jefferson City, MO was ranked as the 5th best city in the country to start a business. If you are one of those who will be starting a business, chances are you are going to have documentation that you will need shredded, stored, or scanned.

So, what are you waiting for? Give Paper Free Office Solutions a call today and find out what we can do for you. You can reach us directly by calling 573-581-2800 or fill out our Contact Form.