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Paperless Office Solutions in Mexico, Mo.

IMS shredding services have been a part of the Mexico, MO business community since we were founded in 2008, and our goal has remained the same: increase efficiency by decreasing the paper clutter in your office through document management solutions.

Learn how we help support other local businesses in Mexico, helping them organize, store, and simplify their document organization and management processes.

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Document Shredding Services in Mexico, Mo.

Whether you are an established company or are just starting out, there are many things that you may not anticipate. It is possible that these things could happen even on your first day, or when you least suspect it.

One thing you may not have given much thought to is all the paperwork and documents your business generates. Some of those documents can contain sensitive information.

Everyone has heard horror stories of identity thieves rifling through trash to steal important documents. While rare, it does happen. That’s why shredding is the only safe, environmentally-friendly method of document destruction.

Our experienced document shredding team is right down the street, and will come to pick up unneeded paperwork when it is most convenient for you.

We will then transport it back to our facility and begin the shredding process. If you are worried about allowing someone else to handle your shredding, IMS will issue you a certificate of destruction for you to keep with your other records – or proudly displayed in your office.

Document Storage Solutions in Mexico, Mo.

Most companies generate a ton of paperwork. Paperwork can start to build up and before you know it, the paperwork has taken over your office. Some companies need to keep hard copies of important documents. You can head to your local office supply store and pick up massive amounts of file folders and file cabinets, but it does start to become pricey.

If that is the course of action you are going to take, where are you going to keep all of those folders or file cabinets? Not every business has its own storage area, so where does it all go? You certainly do not want to share your office with a family of boxes or invite clients to take a seat next to the six extra filing cabinets you had to buy. Instead, consider storing your documents, safely and securely, with Paper Free Office Solutions.

We are located right here in your Mexico, MO neighborhood. We have a storage system that keeps your files safe, and other than you, only the Paper Free Office Solutions professionals will know where your specific papers are.

If you need access to your documents ASAP, no problem. We will get them to you. We even offer a service called Scan-on-Demand, so you do not need to retrieve boxes to find one particular stored document.

Boxes are kept in a climate-controlled facility that also has 24-hour surveillance, as well as a keypad protected entrance. All boxes are given a specific barcode so only someone with the correct password can access your stored documents.

Mexico, Mo. Chooses IMS

IMS is an integral part of the Mexico, MO business community. If you want to reduce your paper usage and increase viable office space, partner with a local business right down the street.

You can fill out a contact form online or you can call us directly at 800-803-3685 to find out more about our document storage and document shredding services. We are waiting for your call.

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