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Declutter Your Office with Springfield, MO Document Storage

Springfield MO Document StorageSometimes, for whatever reason, you may look around the office and think to yourself, I need somewhere to store all these documents. There are some documents that customers simply prefer to keep as a hard copy or need to keep a hard copy of to use at a future date.

We can fix this for you. No matter the number of documents you need to remove from your office, we will come and pick them up for you. We will store them in whichever order you choose.

With our state-of-the-art security and climate-controlled environment, your stored documents are always safe and sound. We use an ingenious way of storing, that is random, and your boxes are labeled with a barcode. This means that only the Paper Free Office Solutions staff, with the proper clearance, can access your stored files when you need them and if you have an emergency, we will get that document to you immediately.

If you would like to store documents and access them online, we do offer our Scan-on-Demand program.

Go Digital with Springfield, MO Document Scanning

Springfield MO Scanning ServicesNot everyone is ready to go digital at the same time, but when you are it is like a whole new world opens up. Do you want to find a document from six years ago? No problem! Click the mouse a few times and Voila! The file you want is right there. No longer will you have to crawl around in a dusty attic or search through piles of file folders to find the correct document.

Scanning all your important documents can be an amazing time saver, and we can have that done for you with ease. We will come directly to your office to pick up the documents you would like to have scanned.

We can scan most anything, including things such as maps, blueprints, microfilm and more. You can truly take your entire business into the digital world. As we scan each document, we will label and store as per your exact specifications.

Then, when we are done, you can either have the documents shredded and recycled or, if you need to keep the hard copies, you can store them in our top-of-the-line secure facility.

Everything you need is online, on your laptop, and available when you need it. Just imagine all the time you will save having everything you need only a few keystrokes away.

Springfield IT Services and Support for Your Office

Springfield MO IT Managed ServicesMany small businesses have a minimal IT staff, and minimal could even mean one person. You cannot always finance an entire staff to maintain all your IT needs, let alone try to find the time to train everyone to do the job correctly. As you are aware, it has become a digital world, and if you do not have a well-trained and knowledgeable IT staff, you could find yourself in a terrible position. So, what can you do?

Here at Paper Free Office Solutions, we can help you with all your IT Support Services and can make emergency IT visits, as well as set up a recurring managed plan to keep everything running smoothly for you. Our managed IT services include maintenance of user accounts, firewall configurations, daily backups, weekly backup verification, as well as priority service when you need onsite or remote assistance. We promise that “upgrades and reconfiguration that focus on making your existing systems better are the foundation of our IT service”. You can also view our list of software solutions available to your company.

Not Your Standard “Springfield”

You have probably heard the joke before, “Every state has a Springfield.” It is true that there are a lot of Springfield’s out there, but Springfield, MO is just a little different. For example, Springfield is a hotbed of country music, and in the 1950s, ranked only behind New York and Hollywood in the US for originating network television programs. Shows like Ozark Jubilee and The Eddy Arnold Show captivated viewers on ABC for many years and were originated in Springfield. Today, Springfield, MO is known for its beautiful parks and thriving downtown scene, where you can still find a good Country/Western band at one of the local watering holes. Paper Free Office Solutions has served Springfield for many years and plans on doing so for many years to come.

You can see a list of the services we offer as well as learn about our team, read through our blog postings, and take a glance at testimonials from current and past clients. You may also reach us directly by calling 573-581-2800 or fill out a contact request form. We look forward to working with you.