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Paperless Office Solutions in St. Louis

We know that St. Louis business owners take pride in their city. After all, what’s not to love about the Arch, Forest Park, baseball and toasted ravioli?

Unfortunately, too many business owners in St. Louis also take pride in something else: physical copies of paper, some, decades old taking up room in their workspace and wasting everyone’s time.

Don’t worry. Paper Free Office Solutions; a proud Missouri business is here to help eliminate your paper trail.

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Document Storage Services in St. Louis

Not all paper can be shredded or disposed of completely.

Depending on the nature of your work, you may need to keep hard copies of your documents for the inevitable future.

We can solve this problem for you with our completely secure document storing facility. We will come directly to you to pick up your confidential files and transport them safely to our storage facility in Mexico, Mo.

Our document storage facility is climate controlled and is equipped with 24-hour video surveillance. The doors are only accessible by password.

We also label all of your documents with unique barcodes, making them easy to recover.

We make it easy to recover your documents when you need them. Clients can submit a request that will be attended to by our staff, with delivery scheduled for the next business day.

Emergencies happen. If you need a file immediately, we can retrieve it for you. We offer a service called Scan-on-Demand, where you can request a file be sent electronically, while we keep your document safe and secure right in our facility.

Want 24/7 access to all your documents without sending a request? That’s possible with our Document Scanning Services.

Document Scanning Services in St. Louis

There is something to be said for storing your files electronically. Clicking an icon with your mouse to bring up a file from years past is so much easier than getting down on your hands and knees and digging through a dusty crawlspace just to find the right box.

We can take all your documents and scan them for you. We will pick up the paperwork from you and take it back to our facility for scanning.

As we scan, we will label and organize each file as per your personal and specific specifications. Then we can upload the documents to sources such as the Cloud or a shared network drive. With us, it’s easy to make your business paper free.

Once the scanning is complete, we can then either shred your documents, store your documents, or move forward with a combination of both services depending on the files involved. After your paper trail has been eliminated, we can help protect your digital trail as well.

Document Shredding Services in St. Louis

Many of the documents that come across your desk contain sensitive information, and they can’t just be thrown away. It’s always a good idea to shred the documents you no longer need in your office to prevent any possible identify theft.

The experienced and professional document shredding team at Paper Free Office Solutions can come to your office to pick up your paperwork when it is most convenient to you. You can schedule a one-time shredding service or set up a regular shredding service.

We then transport the paper back to our facility and begin the secure shredding process. You’ll receive a Certificate of Destruction for your records, so you know your information is destroyed.

St. Louis Businesses Choose Paper Free Office Solutions

Paper Free Office Solutions is Triple-A certified by the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID), which means your information is safe with us. Fill out a contact request form to find out more information about our document storage, shredding, and document scanning services to help your company. You can also read testimonials from current and future clients. You can also call us at 800-803-3685.

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