Document Redaction Services

Step Away from The Marker w/ Document Redaction Services by Paper Free Office Solutions

Let Us Help Automate Your Redaction Processes

Document Redaction Services

The Future of Redaction is Now!

Paper Free Office has Document Redaction Services available to spare you and your staff hours of painstaking marker duties. Paper Free Office offers a comprehensive document redaction service that will save you time and money, by giving you back the lost, ineffective hours of manual strikethroughs – because after all that work, you deserve it!

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Secure File Transfers for Redaction

When Missouri businesses partner with Paper Free Office Solutions to help redact confidential documents, they can be assured that any information turned over to us stays in the hands of people you can trust.

We set up a secure web environment for clients to transfer documents to us for redaction, using the most secure protocol available for businesses to transfer files.

This site is always available to you to send over additional documentation for fast, accurate document redaction services.

Automated Redaction Services with Guaranteed Accuracy

Our software solution will automatically redact pre-determined fields such as dates, social security numbers or phone numbers per compliance needs. We also work alongside our clients to generate a list of given words or phrases that must always be redacted, as protocol differs from industry-to-industry.

Paper Free Office Solutions prides itself on quality control and accuracy. Once the automated redaction process is complete, we give each document another once-over from a human redaction expert, to ensure completeness and accuracy.

Put the marker down and discover a more efficient way to redact confidential information with Paper Free Office Solutions. Contact us today to get started!