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Record and Document Storage Solutions

Document Storage SecurityIf your company is spending too much time moving paper around and has areas that cannot be used due to piles of documents occupying the area, Paper Free Office Solutions can help. If you are concerned about confidentiality breaches, or loss from natural or unnatural disasters, our document storage experts can end your paper trail nightmare.

We have the perfect solution for records that must be kept in hard copy form. Paper Free Office Solutions can provide you with space at our secure, climate-controlled, records storage facility, which has 24-hour video surveillance and password-protected entry. When your boxes of files arrive here, they are given an anonymous barcode, scanned, and then placed on shelves for total anonymity.

Member of Professional Records and Information Service Management International (PRISM)

Paper Free Office Solutions is a member of PRISM, a division of the International Secure Information Governance and Management Association™ (i-SIGMA™). We use their standards, procedures, and policies for storing and securing your physical records because they are the most rigorous in the business.

This includes random storage of your physical records throughout the facility. Scattering data in this way makes it virtually impossible for anyone outside the facility to identify, let alone collect, your information.

Scan-on-Demand Services

At Paper Free Office Solutions, we know that document storage and management can be difficult, and you will need access periodically. To be able to cater to this need, we offer scan-on-demand services, so your documents do not have to leave the premises unless you want them to. If that need should arise, we will retrieve whatever is required, and deliver it to you on the next business day. Emergency retrieval is also available upon request.

Benefits of Using Paper Free Office Solutions for Your Record and Information Management

Managing records and information is becoming increasingly complex and requires full-time participation to stay abreast of emerging technologies and threats.

Partnering with Paper Free Office Solutions to manage this portion of your business helps to:

  • Lower operating costs
  • Improve employee productivity
  • Protect your company from the risks of litigation, audit, and disaster

Partnering with Paper Free Office Solutions for non-core business needs like electronic document storage, document imaging, and document shredding, helps your business focus on essential processes and goals. This is especially noteworthy if your business is experiencing a high volume of transactions, has complex process requirements, or is growing rapidly. Using our services decreases your transaction-processing costs, freeing up capital that can then be applied to your more strategic business initiatives.

More Benefits of Partnering with Paper Free Office Solutions for Document Storage

There are many additional benefits to partnering with Paper Free Office Solutions for all or some of your document-handling needs. These include:

  1. Access to World-Class Technology Capabilities– We use state-of-the-art software for document management. Our software uses Barracuda Backup Security, FileBound Document Solutions and Identillect Email Solutions, PSIGEN Advanced Document Capture, to name a few. Your company does not need to stay abreast of the best industry solutions, because we do that for you. With Paper Free Office Solutions, you have access to the best technology solutions on the market, at a cost-effective price. 
  1. State-of-the-Art Data SecurityWe know how critical it is to protect confidential information proactively. That is why we follow the comprehensive PRISM rules and standards to ensure that the integrity of your data is maintained at all times. In addition to our other services, documents given to us for shredding are constantly monitored and protected until destroyed. After destruction, you receive a certificate, which provides a legal audit trail if required. 
  1. Regain Valuable SpacePaper Free Office Solutions provides an ideal solution for companies that have large volumes of physical record storage requirements with long retention times. Using our secure storage facilities, your records are safe, and your facility suddenly has a lot more space for other areas of need. It is an efficient alternative to in-house data storage management.
  1. Increased Document Access ControlInternal management of large amounts of data is often a logistical challenge, if not a nightmare. Using our imaging and storage solutions, authorized personnel from your company can locate and gain access to any file at a moment’s notice.

Once your files have been loaded into our secured database and organized to your specifications, we provide you with a retrieval system for effectively filtering and analysis. In the physical records storage environment, all documents are tracked with a barcode system which allows quick, efficient retrieval of physical data files.

When it comes to document storage services, there are few options more secure than our record storage facility. Paper Free Office Solutions is among the most trusted document storage companies for all your storage and management needs. We strive to provide you with the best possible physical and electronic storage available in the industry. Contact us today to discuss our services, and how we can best meet your needs.