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goIDit tracking softwareIf you spend time and money locating and replacing lost keys we have a solution for you.

While the tracking device is geared toward the automotive dealerships, the application can be used in many other industries:

  • Medical equipment
  • Government fleets/vehicles
  • Tracking students/teachers/visitors for safety purposes
  • Construction sites to track equipment/vehicles

How can goIDit Work For You

Don’t just manage keys when they are in the place they should be. It’s when they’re not that you most need a way to find them.

We provide Key Control + Key Finding!

Tracker Beacons can be configured and used to track and update the location of vehicles on your lot. The Tracker is easy to associate with a vehicle, and its location is updated using the GPS from any device running the app. The location updates are stored in the goIDit cloud services.

Users can search for vehicles on the app by VIN, stock number, make, model, and year to see their current location and any keys associated with it. If the item is outside it’s shown on a map. If it’s inside it’s shown on a floor plan of the dealership building.

When you can confidently find vehicles and keys you significantly improve the customer experience.

Automate Your Recon Processes with Fleet Tracking

Fixed locations inside the dealership can be identified for reporting when a vehicle arrives and leaves that location. goIDit allows you to automate and track the complete reconditioning process to ensure that:

  • Users are more accountable
  • Delays in the process are easier to identify
  • Users have better visibility into the process
  • Vehicle get to the frontline sooner

Other Features of Our Asset Tracking Software

  • Real-time inventory control
  • Vehicle movement history
  • Instant vehicle location
  • Continuous audit capabilities
  • Real-time accounting reconciliation
  • Floorplan audit automation
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Improved customer experience

Track and Find any Vehicle or Key

Help streamline operations and improve customer experiences.

  • The location of a user and a key they are looking for is shown on a floor plan indoors.
  • The location of a vehicle and its key is displayed on a map outdoors.

With goIDit, we use wireless sensors that are attached to keys and vehicles that are on your lot. We record the location of the item and upload this information to the goIDit cloud service to cross reference the sensor to the VIN, make, model and year.

  • If the key or vehicle moves, we update it
  • If you sell the vehicle, reassign the sensor
  • If you need to find a key it’s easy even if it’s in a drawer.